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Full Truck Load

Makt-Trans is an Interstate carrier-for-hire specializing in Full Truckload (FTL) shipping. FTL shipping mode is the use of an entire truck for shipment.

The primary mode of Over-The-Road (OTR) transportation is FTL, shipping products from point A to point B using the full truck space and weight capacity.

FTL shipments reduce transit time and risk at the most efficient cost.

Supporting Brokers and Direct Customers, Makt-Trans has a fleet of 53’ Dry Vans for dedicated loads and backhauls.

Makt-Trans is proud to offer best in class rates. FTL shipping rates are based on commodity weight, size, and distance. Makt-Trans operates nationally.

Consider Makt-Trans FTL service to meet the following criteria:

  • Time sensitive freight
  • Enough items to fill an entire truck
  • Dedicated whole truck
  • Consolidate shipments to minimize cost